The Pineshadows were a group of savage, barbaric pine martens that lived in eastern Mossflower Woods. They were lead by Lord Valkarano. They were constantly in battle with Spruce Longbrush and his squirrels in the Longbrush Glen. They joined forces with Rackorg Vinn's crew of corsairs and together they attacked and invaded Redwall Abbey. All of the Pineshadows were killed in the battle although a few stayed back in Mossflower. The remaining martens left temporarily in order to fool everybeast into thinking that they had all been wiped out. They returned to try and take back Mossflower Woods as their own.

Known MembersEdit

In Of Warriors and CorsairsEdit

  • Valkarano (leader)
  • Draker (first Chief Guard)
  • Zenka (second Chief Guard)
  • Carcad (main scout)
  • Barzag
  • Kraka
  • Gruckan

In The DarkbladesEdit

The Pineshadows appear in Of Warriors and Corsairs and The Darkblades.