A ottermaid slowly gained her mind back after a attack on her Holt,Lutira. She had a deep cut on her arm,pouring out blood like a fountain,which was cause by a cutlass. The ten-year otter looked in horror at her High Queen Rhulain Jennia's body laying next to her with a axe in her chest.
"Your Highness!!"she shook the body;no respond.
She then started black out again because the lost of blood. Everything fading away,she still had one goal which will remand with her for a while: Death to the ferrets!

Chapter 1Edit

Maria Waterdog was carrying a net felled with water shrimp back to Holt Streamfire. She had forgot about the terrible losses she had in her youth.
"Hey sis!"yelled a otter as he ran to Maria."Father said go and help that luvverly cook Alena for our guest tonight!"
Looking up from the ground,she pushed him."Okay Vincent! And its step-sis!"Maria grinned.
"Whatever!"shrugged Vincent.
Maria walked into a small cave were the cook Alena was fixing water'in'shrimp soup."Thanks to ya sweety!"she said as she toke the net from Maria.
Maria had opened her mouth to say "You're welcome." but Chieftain Marthin came in."Our guest are here. Bring thut soup!"he said.
Pushing that concoction into the larger cave,they met the friends of Marthin;a otter Hintron,his beautiful wife Blossom and their very handsome son Corraim.
As his parents greeted their friends,Corraim came up to Maria."A luvverly ottermaid,eh?"he leaned down and kissed her paw."A pretty'un you are!"
Maria didn't know what to say for a while."Thank you...."
Once Marthin greeted his long friends,he said for everyotter to come in for the feast.