Pine Marten
Place of Origin
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Bone club topped with a crow's skull
Knocked off the Abbey Battlements byGarrow, killing both

Valkarano was the self-proclaimed leader of a group of savage, barbaric pine martens known as the Pineshadows that lived in eastern Mossflower. He and his tribe were constantly battling with Spruce Longbrush and his squirrels that lived just west of them. Valkarano was a big, dark furred marten with a long scar running down the left side of his face that was given to him by Spruce Longbrush. For this, Valkarano sought revenge on the squirrel, several times attacking the Longbrush Glen. When Valkarano learned that Spruce, along with Wengle and Corkly G. Battlescut, went to Redwall Abbey, he decided to attack the Abbey to get Spruce. Soon after, he joined forces with the weasel corsair Rackorg Vinn and together they successfully invaded Redwall. The combined vermin hordes nearly took over the Abbey, but an army of escaped slaves, lead by Riddy, helped the Longbrush squirrels to defeat them. Meanwhile, Valkarano was in mortal combat with Spruce up on the Abbey battlements, and the pine marten would have killed the squirrel had it not been for Spruce's son Garrow, who jumped into Valkarano, knocking them both off the wall and killing them.