Lera Matten

Gender/Sex: Female

Species: Wildcat

Age: 25 years old

Crime Committed: Murder of Macaulish Longfang

Preferred Weapon: Battleaxe

Appearance: Matten wears a green and brown tunic and matching kilt, and a long, hooded dark green cloak. She's blind in her left eye, but her hearing on that side makes up for it. A twisted scar runs across her forehead, curving down to her jawline on the left side. Matten has dark brown fur, mottled with lighter patches over her body where scar tissue's formed from burns.

Personality: Matten's compassion died with her family. She's a hardened beast, ruthless to her bounty, and hunts relentlessly.


Matten was born in the Summer of the Whispering Willows in Mossflower. She lived a sheltered life, until her father drummed her into his army and turned the kitten into a killer. She rose quickly through the ranks, taking a strict, no-nonsense attitude to her officers.

One winter, she found two wolverine soldiers serving under her were drunk on duty. She stripped one, Kriasha, of rank for it and executed the other, Macaulish, to make an example to her horde, a mistake that would haunt her entire life.

She went to bed that night and woke up in the midst of a raging inferno! She tried to get her family out, but failed.

Matten was widowed and lost her four kittens in the fire. She's sworn revenge on Kriasha. For now, she bides her time and waits.

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