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Two stilettos

Kovra Silverfang was a small but strongly-built searat and the captain of one of the biggest vessels on the seas, The Stormshark.

Silverfang was so named because his front two fangs were plated with pure silver. His weapons of choice were twin stilettos with hooked hilts which he could use with much skill. He was once an ally with the weasel corsair Rackorg Vinn, until after one raiding that they shared, Vinn had took the larger portion of the loot and Kovra had some of his crew steal his share of the loot back. But the weasel had been ready and he killed the crew-members that Kovra had sent over. From then on they were mortal enemies.

Kovra always knew that he could beat Vinn in a one-on-one duel, and he longed for the day that he could best the weasel in a fight. Soon after Rackorg Vinn had attacked the ship that Wengle was on, the two captains finally met. They agreed on a duel, and they fought it out on the Stormshark. After awhile, Kovra disarmed Vinn and backed him up to the ship's railing. But the weasel ducked the fatal stab and kicked the searat up and over the edge of the ship and into the sea. As Kovra shouted threats and curses from below, Vinn turned the ship's wheel and the hull cracked against Silverfang's head, and sending him down to the bottom of the sea. Vinn then took the searat's ship and crew as his own.