Kitalpha was the land beyond Mossflower Country where Rigel Squirrelking was chieftain of the Kitalphian Squirrels.


Originally, about the time of Lord Stonepaw's rule on Salamandastron, the wildcat Tsiriio was exploring past Mossflower forest, hoping to reach The Land of Ice and Snow. However, he found a pile of rocks and built the beginnings of Kitalpha. He named it Syriio, since he couldn't spell his name very well. Tsiriio then went on to go to the Land of Ice, where, by some unknown causes, he was slain. A while later, during Lord Sunflash's reign of Salamandastron, a squirrel called Thyio found Kitalpha, and finished Tsiriio's work. Later on, he passed the traditions on to the next leaders, and on and on until they reached Rigel, which was when the trouble began for the small village.


The wildcat Queen Alrescha's attack on the town kicked off the somewhat-major role of Kitalpha in Hollyfire's Tale. Later, Rigel escaped through one of many of Kitalpha's tunnels, the Cavern of Many Deaths. After escaping Menkar's death, Alrescha shepherded the war into the Cavern, and burned the town until all that remained was a few tiny stones- the way it had looked when Tsiriio had found it.

Later, Captain Lag dug into the Cavern, and, soon after, Kitalpha. But he was immediately slain by the beserk Morning. Morning, who died soon after, was buried in the Cavern. Lag's tunnel was destroyed.

The squirrel Lyaro, who was smitten with Morning, returned to Kitalpha on Hollyfire's instructions, laid the poem he had written on Morning's grave. He then re-built part of Kitalpha, but left it there.