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Prefers slings, but usually ends up with a javelin


The early yearsEdit

Jack was born and raised on the outskirts of Noonvale. His father, Tram, and his mother, Selena, where never part of the Noonvale community (believing their thoughts about war and violence where petty and foolish). At a young age, his father tutored him in various weaponry, such as the sword, javelin, slings, bow and arrow, and dagger.

At the age of five winters old, Jack discovered the small village of Noonvale. Fascinated by the different lifestyle they lived, he hurried home to tell his family. His parents where not thrilled by the news, and demanded him to not to venture out to Noonvale again.

But Jack was overcome with curiosity, and continually went to wander the village. He kept to himself, in the shadows, wacthing in fascination of the other's lives, Until the day came when he stepped out of the Shadows, a whole year later. That particular day, rain was pouring violently from the sky, and crashes of thunder roared. That was when he met Keira,a mousemaid who lived in Noonvale. She brought him to her father's house to wait during the storm, where he was fed and introduced to the ideals of Noonvale.

He would continually visit the village near his house, playing with Keira and some of her friends. Then, the day happened when his parents found out about his vists to the restricted area- Needless to say, they weren't to happy. But how could they keep him away?

The deathEdit

His parents died two years after his discovery of Noonvale- when he was seven winters old. It was a terrible hailstorm, that had let loose itself from the very gates of dark forest itself. Jack himself was close to death, being such a young age, but somehow survived. He kept his parent's death a secert, not wanting to leave his small hollow tree in which he lived.