Holt Lightflames was the Holt of Stonedusk Lightflames in Hollyfire53's fan-fiction story Hollyfire's Tale. It is located in the mountains (somewhere around where King Bucko Bigbones (Lord Brocktree) lived).


Holt Lightflames was formed sometime around when Lord Russano the Wise reigned at Salamandastron. There was a great warrior named Stonedawn Lightflames for the first leader, however Stonedawn was killed at dawn time, and that has been an unlucky time in the Holt ever since. The night that Carlson came across the Holt was after the death of their fifth leader, Stonefall Lightflames. Stonefall had created a lot of problems during his leadership, and a pack of vermin came and attacked that night. However, Carlson arrived in time to save the Holt, and was rewarded by the election to become the next Holt leader.

Reedwater Carlson was the first to see her brother's Holt, and was offered a place in the Holt. She refused, but promised to return.

Later, after Alrescha is killed, Reedwater returns to Holt Lightflames, and helps Stonedusk run it until their assumed deaths.