Hollyfire Squirrelqueen was the daughter of Kuma and Rigel. Her name came from the fact that the news of her death was brought at exactly the same time as the news that the holly surrounding Kitalpha was on fire. Horrorstricken, Rigel had named the new babe Hollyfire.

Hollyfire was among the survivors of Alrescha's attack on Kitalpha. She was also one of the three witnesses at Menkar's death, along with Rigel and Alrescha. She first sighted Arietis, and later, Digclaw Foremole.

While Skipper and the Redwall otters had Hollyfire surrounded, Ivy accidentally called Hollyfire's name, and Skipper stabbed Arietis with his javelin. At Redwall Abbey, Hollyfire and Reedwater Carlson became friends.


Before Rigel's band left for Salamandastron, Skipper named Hollyfire as Warrior, and gave her the Sword of Martin. Later, it was Hollyfire who first saw Stonedusk's cave for shelter.

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