Place of Origin

Gorv was a big, burly searat that served under Kovra Silverfang. After his captain's death, Gorv, along with the rest of his shipmates, went under the service of Rackorg Vinn. Gorv did not like the weasel, and he plotted against him. He got three other vermin on his side, Thramba, Dinzog, and Blueclaw. After the corsairs put ashore, Gorv and his cronies deserted Vinn and ran off into Mossflower Woods. Soon after, they got lost and the stoat Blueclaw revolted against Gorv, but perished at Gorv's paws.

Then Gorv discovered Wengle, Garrow and Oakflower, who were watching the battle between the Longbrush Squirrels and the Pineshadows from far off. The sea-vermin captured Oakflower, and were about to torture her for information about where they could find food when Wengle temporarily stopped them. Her brother Garrow alerted their father Spruce Longbrush and his squirrels, and they promptly came and killed Gorv's two partners in crime. Spruce was about to kill Gorv, when Oakflower asked her father to have mercy on the searat. He let Gorv go and the searat took off running into the woods. He ran back to Rackorg Vinn, who knew that Gorv would come back sooner or later. Instead of immediately slaying the searat, Vinn offered him food and wine in his tent, and told him to rest. Gorv completely bought in to Rackorg Vinn's scheme and, after being assured that the food was not poisoned, ate it with gutso. Vinn then made as if to leave the tent, but suddenly turned around and beheaded Gorv with his scimitar. From then on Gorv was shown as an example to the other vermin about rebellion.