Sea Otter
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Gammage Galedeep is a sea otter and the captain of the Stormrider. He is also the husband of Maris Stormhold.

Biography Edit

Gammage grew up in a sea otter holt, and when he hit 15 winters he struck out on his own. After a few seasons of wandering, he met Maris and the pair got happily married.

After a few seasons of traveling, Gammage and Maris had a son named Kay. With Maris blind, raising their boisterous, inquisitive son was no easy task. Maris finally decided to try and find the legendary healers of Noonvale, who may be able to repair her damaged eyes.

However, after they had set up camp on the shore and Gammage had left Maris and Kay alone while he went off to fish. When Gammage returned, His son had been taken by Badrang the Tyrant and Maris was emotionally scarred from the ordeal. The pair abandoned all thoughts of Noonvale to search for their kidnapped son. Maris knew that they were searat because of the accents, so the pair stole a vermin ship, freed the oarslaves, and began scouring the seas for their lost son.

It remains to be seen whether their quest will be successful.