Chapter 1 Edit

Far away in the ocean was a fort;Fort Sage. Its rulers were Queen Sage The Slayer and her horrible daughter Princess Nukreda. All slaves there were scared of her and the vermin cats,but one wasn't. A young squirrelmaid of ten seasons,with her blue eyes,gold fur,no fear of vermin,and her beautiful singing voice,the only name for her was Sunfire The Fearless.

"Horrible useless slaves get working!!"yelled Nukreda as she whipped the slaves back.

"Tch,I'm not listing to you Princess Dumby!!"said Sunfire as she threw a rock at Nukreda. Thwak!!! It hit her square on the head and knocked her down.

"Sunfire hurt the Princess,g'her!!!"said a cat as he hit after Sunfire and knocked her out. The cats knew her name because she got in trouble very easy. The picked her up and toke her to Queen Sage.