Like every site, we have a few rules that everyone must follow:


  • Don't edit someone else's fanfic. It is their work.
  • Don't make a page for Brian Jacques' characters. The Redwall Wikia is a fantastic resource and we want to promote them when possible. The only exception is for AU or Mashup stories where canon doesn't apply. A case-by-case exception will be made for canon characters that are used by the same author multiple times in interlocking stories- eg, if a writer writes three sequels to Rakkety Tam.
  • If you need help writing, go Here
  • You may curse in your fan-fic, but only to the extent they do in the Redwall Universe- Damn, Hellgates, etc.
  • Please be mindful of other people's feelings!


  • Categorizing your fanfics makes it easier readers to find what they're looking for.
  • Basic Tags- "Book Title" Sequel/"Book Title Prequel", creator username, Oneshot, AU, Mashup.
  • DO NOT categorize your fic under incomplete! Categorize it under complete when it is finished!
  • When starting a page for your character, be sure to categorize them with species, gender, creator and the fan fic they appear in.
  • Be sure to categorize BOTH the fanfic and the OC/Redwall phenomena under the creator's name! This helps keep track of who created what.

Failure to follow these rules will result in an admin fixing the categories on your creation!


You will get three warnings by one of the admins before you are banned. Vandalization will result in a permanent ban and deletion of all work.