Basic Parts Edit

A bow is a straight piece of wood that is bent into a parenthesis shape with a bowstring. Usually, the bow has notches cut in it for the bowstring. Only the bows of the most flexible wood can stay strung all the time- usually, you string it when you need it. The best wood for a bow is yew, and the bowstring is best made of plaited flax or linen covered in beeswax. Missiles called Arrows are shot from bows.

Crossbows Edit

Crossbows are different from the other bows, as they are mechanical. Basically, a shortbow is mounted sideways onto a veined piece of wood. A winch is used to wind up the string and a bolt is loaded onto the nock. The trigger is released, and the whole process begins again. It takes a long time to reload, but has a lot of range and power, even piercing plate armour. Recoil is fair, considering the power.

Hunting bow Edit

Appear in all the books

This is a typical bow. Usually, it is about as long as your arm. Range is good, strength good.

Longbows Edit

Appear in: Lord Brocktree, Mariel of Redwall, The Bellmaker, Loamhedge

Longbows are huge, each one can be as tall (or taller) than the archer firing it. As a result, the arrows are very long. This bow has all the attributes of the crossbow, with less recoil and stability. At short range, it can penetrate plate armor, and its rate of fire is second to none.