• Mousieboy232

    Heirloom of a Thief

    April 19, 2017 by Mousieboy232

    • Written by Taylor Morgan
    • Inspired by Brian Jacques
    • Characters belonging to Taylor Morgan are Franko Mousethief, Feravel the Banshee of the Northlands, Dingott Squirrelsire, Celeste Mousethief, Badderig Badgermore, Kangon Ruddergail, Shrimpus Cloverfield, Lupe Cadanga, Brutus Swimmerpaw, Zeena the Healer, Captain Lukas, Captain Warptail, Fleabagg and Brokejaw.
    • Characters belonging to Brian Jaques are Abbess Meriam, Bella of Brockhall, Friar Bunfold, Dandin, Mariel, Keyla, and Bryony.
    • Characters by Brian Jacques Mentioned are Martin the Warrior, Gonff, Gonff II, Tullgrew, and Badrang.

    Dandin and Mariel sat by their campfire, Mariel threw small twigs and dry grass in the fire to keep it lit. Dandin opened his satchel and produced a reed flute, the…

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  • Snowstripe the Fierce
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  • Nikolai Banks

    Long Patrol Academy

    November 26, 2013 by Nikolai Banks

    A Fanfic crossover of Redwall/The Police Academy, I am working on. Hope you all enjoy it. And if this violates any wiki rules, please leave a notice on my Message Wall/Talk Page, and I see what I can do.

    Very upbeat music begins to play as the title comes up, saying "Long Patrol Academy 1: Redwall" as the upbeat Police Academy begins to play. showing Mossflower Woods by a birds eye view, slowly going towards the river till Redwall Abbey is in sight.

    Two officers walk into Mossflower and towards Redwall, one officer was a mouse while the other was a fox, the fox looked to the mouse. "PROCTOR.....hurry up or I come down and drag your sorry tail to our new precinct, do you understand me!?" The fox glared at Officer Lt Proctor.

    Proctor looked to …

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  • Crooked panda

    New account

    February 11, 2013 by Crooked panda

    I'm going to make a special account for this wiki it will be called SasamTheWanderer, I'll leave this one up though and edit Redflash when I want

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  • Incisrongirl

    Chapter 1: Prologue


    Grey-black had clouded Mossflower's skies, and everywhere, treetops were performing a madly festive dance - swaying to and fro, tossing branches, now and again bracing themselves against the crash of the rain, scattering leaves all around.

    There was nothing that Salome dreaded more than a nighttime excursion into the Woods, alone, when it was storming.

    Against the surrounding forest, the ferretmaid was a tiny figure -swathed in her brother's cloak, which now clung, rain-sodden, to her fur; the water-pail tucked beneath one arm. Every whipcrack of lightning goaded her to haste, and she splashed on recklessky, complaining all the while, as if her voice could be heard above the rain's leaf-battering music.

    "Huh - sunny…

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  • Banannibo

    Nightpaw of Noonvale

    August 15, 2012 by Banannibo

    Eulaliaaa!!!! 20:12, August 15, 2012 (UTC)

    Well, my fanfic on the Redwall Wiki has problems, and while it may still be worked on, I like this one better. I hope you will too. And this one is dedicated to Rose. Rest peacefully, you will be avenged again! I also dedicate this to The Mask, Colonel Clary, and Brigadier Thyme, three of the bravest creatures I ever knew. This fan fiction is for you!

    Lilian Darkpaw.

    Chapter 1: Nightpaw

    He was a young hare, with fur of black which had earned him his name, Nightpaw.

    Along with several other young Noonvalers, he was performing the pleasurable duty of berrypicking. A young haremaid named Cayna, daughter of Ballaw De Quincewold, called to him "Nightpaw, thought up any super wheezes yet, wot?"

    Nightpaw did n…

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  • Crooked panda


    August 11, 2012 by Crooked panda

    Right well I noticed that people put their fanfics in blogs so I'm doing the same with Redflash


    Ok a bit of backstory before we start

    Redflash is based on the question "What if Chickenhound didn't get bitten by Asmodeus?" This is the answer.


    Chapter 1

    Redflash the fox sat in his tent fondling the sword he had just stolen from the badger mountain of Salamandastron. Redflash was the leader of a band of robber foxes. His band numbered only six in all but there was nowhere they couldn't steal from, they were the best thieves in all of Mossflower and they were deter…

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  • Banannibo

    Just in case you might want to know, this was written by me, not by Lilian. I'm not sure how this got here, I know I didn't put it on.

    Juniper Wavecrest


    A small hedgehog with graying spikes sat in her garden, humming away as she planted her flowers.

    Suddenly, a small squirrel of about two seasons old ran out of the woodlands in front of her, followed by another squirrel, slightly older than the first, “Tipper, come back here!” She was calling after him. The little squirrel ran to hide behind the hedgehog.

    “Stop trying to hide from me,” the older squirrel said, “I can see you perfectly well. Now come back here.” Tipper immediately ran around to the back of the hedgehog’s home, followed by his sister.

    A rather young squirrel walked out o…

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  • Mewtworules

    This is a short, poignant story. I don't know whether it will be completed or not. This story was inspired by ScotyBlue's Fan Fiction, Little Flower.

    I would like to dedicate this tale to ScottyBlue, who always would help me through rough times, help me feel better when I go through bouts of depression, and who gives constructive criticism on my work. Thank you, Scotty.

    The castaway, the fox that exposed the hypocrisy of his leader, the outcast.

    The Flame, the name of the fox. The castaway, the outcast. The one that dared speak out against the fat, lazy, leader...

    "No, I'm going to get myself gutted like a fish if I talk like that." Flame's brother, Luteo, was killed for stabbing the leader. They had no parents, being abandoned due to their tim…

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  • DarkSaphire24

    What do you think would of happened if Martin and Rose had survived? I think Martin would of eventually got bored and gone to Mossflower anyway, and Rose probably with him.

    Somebody post, PLEASE.

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  • Incisrongirl

    By the time I was old enough to remember anything about life at the "settlement" , my brother was about thirteen or fourteen.

    Being one of the oldest creatures left in the place, he was the one the youngsters (including me) looked to when they wanted to eat. They didn't look to him for food, mind you - with the elders dead, dying or gone, we bumbled about, pulled out whatever scraps of food we could find and never went outside of the hollow. (Why didn't we go out and forage, as good sense should have told us to? We'd spent every day of our lives shut up inside of t…

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  • Incisrongirl



    Well, our dreams of a secluded little settlement in Mossflower were basically over. Or rather, our parents' and the elders' dreams. We didn't exactly do any of the thinking, dreaming or planning, because we were babes and children then.

    In any case, all of our elders would have gladly dropped their patriotism toward their flea-infested, disease-filled settlement - did I tell you that shortly after the Black Death's appearance, there was a great big outbreak o…

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  • Amesco


    January 14, 2012 by Amesco

    Rackatung the wolverine stared out of his balcony window, marveling at his great horde of all types of vermin, with three wildcat captains and two smaller wolverine captains as the only officers. The sound of spears, javelins,tridents, and all sorts of weapons banging and clanking drowned out all the sounds of the rain. Pufftail, one of his wildcat captains, approached him, breathing heavily after the large climb up the mountain face, and bowed. "What is it Pufftail, you know I don't like 'ormaities." "Yes," the wildcat answered. "And the horde is ready to march. But, may I ask, where will we march to?" "We go south until we reach the mountain of Salamandastron, weaving over the land and picking up troops as we go. By then this horde will …

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  • Incisrongirl

    I'm writing this off a mobile device! My computer doesnt have Internet and i dont know when it ever will! Im sorry! I'm sorry for the typos and occasional grammatical errors you'll find in this story! I'm sorry for the dry, stupid, undescriptive prose and jumbled paragraphs and - well, any other mess you may find! I swear I'm generally good with spelling! These are typos, and sometimes when I'm choosing a word from the word suggestions pane or whatever its called my finger accidentally hits a different word! I can't see the sentences I'm writing on this mobile device , so sometimes I forget how I began the sentence and end up with q grammatical error! It was extremely difficult even posting this story on this mobile device and it's even mo…

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  • Eyegrim

    About Miracles and Monsters

    October 31, 2011 by Eyegrim

    Hi, everybeast I wrote this little story after reading "Martin the Warrior". The story takes place 2 years after "Pearls of Lutra". If you find a fitting headline for the chapters please message me. Thanks to SalemtheCruel for helping me with the translation.

    With a loud crackling the log burst in the fire. The old squirrel lady twitched slightly at the sound. Then she turned back to her little guests: Squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, mice and otter children were gathered around her, munching cookies and drinking tea and waiting that she finally began her story. The old was still listening to the crackling of the fire and the howling of the wind. The winter of storms, what a fitting name for this season!

    She sighed and began to dig into her memo…

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  • Redmight

    Knights of Redwall

    August 8, 2011 by Redmight

    Hello there!! This is my first fan-fic and I've worked on it with all my heart to create it!! so enjoy!! and don't be afraid to critique or comment!!

    A forest's rain enveloped in the pitch blackness of night can be made beautiful and deadly at the whim of its will, but what manner of storm ever finds itself fighting against one who holds nothing but harmonizing music in the form of a guitar and the inner of voice of the soul that sings like this...

    Now hear my voice rise to the sky and play a melody!

    My guitar and I will march in hopes of reaching home!

    Don't let me walk alone tonight, Just send me to my home!

    even though this storm is harsh and batters down my soul!

    I'll march it on!

    Endure it all!

    Just to see my home!!

    I'll fight the wind!

    Defeat …

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  • Pinedance Coneslinger

    We wait impatiently for that mousethief to make his appearance. He should have been here hours ago! Does he think he can loiter about Kotir all day? If he does not hurry, we'll have to go and try to help him escape another time. We are too exposed here; if any of Kotir's soldiers look about carefully, they'll see us without a doubt.

    I shift impatiently, stroking the smooth wood of my bow, longing to shoot at something. Anything rather than this endless waiting.

    My ears pick up outraged and startled cries along with the shattering and clunking of dishes. Tsarmina's voice sounds out in fury. "Stop those mice! Kill them!"

    Our mousethief was making his escape at last and leaving with a flare. Apparently he was not alone.


    All of us…

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  • I'mangry

    Thanks you all!!!

    October 31, 2010 by I'mangry

    Hollyfire and Lord TBT have been very helpful to me while I'm new to this site. Thank you.

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  • I'mangry


    October 31, 2010 by I'mangry

    I wrote Bounder and the Waiting throne when I was 11, inspired by Redwall, and several others. I know it's not my best one, but I'm going to post another better one soon.

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  • I'mangry

    Bounder faced the huge walling creature boldly, basket in paw. “Well, go on, bite me!’ he challenged. “Come on, I’m waiting. Defend your master’s property!”

    Infuriated, the large black dog lunged. Seizing the heavy rib-bone from beside the water-dish, the young cottontail struck a direct blow that rattled the sharp canines. An odd number shattered to the ground.

    With a silent moan, the black dog shut its lips painfully, sinking to the ground with its head between its paws, exposing an array of deep scars. Bounder regarded him with truculent satisfaction.

    “There, I suppose you won’t be trying to bite of any our clan again!”

    And with that, he turned, picked up his basket, and sauntered off.

    Bounder was not like many rabbits of his breed-those cre…

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  • Silverfalcon Pikehawk

    this starts with Felldoh going to kill Badrang

    Felldoh marched onward, a determined vengeful look on his face, carrying his javelin, he was out for blood! little did he kow, thta three of his friends, two otters, and a mouse, each armed were following.

    three days earlier, Brome, Keyla, and Tullgrew, had noticed the changes in their friend, he was quieter, more determined, nad sat left camp often. they had decided to keep a close eye on him. "It sure is strange, how he acts like this now" Brome said to Keyla as the two sat close to the fire while the others slept, Keyla nodded, "Yes it is, maybe we should watch him." the two friends lay down to sleep. while he slept, Keyla had a strange dream, where a mouse carrying Martins sword the Badrang …

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  • Silverfalcon Pikehawk

    The Peregrine falcon roosted in the upper foliage of a large oak, Dibbuns crowded around base of the tree calling up to the large bird, "Mista Bwavvlefa'con! you be's supposed to tell us a story!"

    The great bird swooped down, taking care not to beat down to hard as to hurt any of the Dibbuns. he asked, "Kreeeeeee! I've told you alla stories I have."

    one of the Dibbuns, a tiny molebabe spoke up, "Hurr zurr. Worra 'bout the one about ee Pickletawk that we was sent oop to bed before we could hear et, hurr?"

    The falcon fixed him with one of his amber eyes, questioningly. An ottermaid came over and picked the tiny mole up saying, "I think Grilldow trying to say the one about the Pikehawk. You remember him right? You used to battle alongside him."


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  • Rawfan56


    September 15, 2010 by Rawfan56

    Abbess Songbreeze Swifteye sat on the walls of Redwall Abbey, Song whirled around to find Dannfloor Reguba standing behind her. He sat beside her and watched the sun set, "how are you doing Dannflower" Song chuckled "I'm not a flower" Dann yelled and turned around and ran off. "ho there, are you a friend or foe" Song shouted out to the figures at the gate, one of them yelled up " It's Log-a-Log Dippler" Song ran to open the door. Dippler and the other Guosim was transported to the cavern hole where they chatted for a time. Dwopple finally called order "order order we need order" Splikker ran forward and blurted words out " can we 'ave some sleep please" shortly after they went to bed.

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  • Bluestripe the Wild

    This story is dedicated to Hollyfire53, Pinedance Coneslinger, and to Wild Doogy Plumm for being so nice to me since I'm new.I hope you all enjoy my first fan fiction.Eulaliiiiiiiaaaaaaa!

    An old female hare sat in the nearly deserted dining hall in the mountain of Salamandastron, recalling memories from long ago. The old hare sat thinking of those long gone days when a young hare babe ran up and sat beside her. "Can you tell me a story about very fierce warriors, ma'arm?” asked the hare babe.

    "I think I can tell a story to please you, you little rouge!” said the old harewife. The old harewife was about to start her story when more hares started to gather around to listen to her tale. Soon, every hare in Salamandastron, and even the Badger L…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    Since I've quit on telling my fursona's story on the Redwall Wiki, I'm telling the basics by "Scenes" like one of those new DVDs, with Special Features, Deleted Scenes, and the original idea of Thornclaw.

    Thornclaw Braveheart, son of Drehta, son of Pitusd, is introduced as an outcast banished from his father's tribe for sparing the life of an enemy. He wanders through the desert until being knocked unconscious by a mysterious figure with white hair.

    After being defeated by Salamandastron, the wildcat corsair Emperor Kardag Svilatz plans his revenge, by sailing south and deploying troops to defeat the tribe of Drehta and travel north, destroying the Fire Mountain. His second-in-command, the ferret Yazzo, is introduced.

    Thornclaw awakens in the…

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  • Gonff the Prince of Awsomeness

    This will be a tale of sadness, pain and bloodshed. But also happiness, humor and rich characters. This is a tale of a kingdom and an abbey with battles ranging from mountains to sea, from hill to dale and from ditch to dust on a winding road. This is a story of two great peoples fighting for two things: One for power and one for freedom. Many heroes and villains on both sides will fall to the arrows and spears of the opposite side and many will cry over their deaths. Some will seek revenge and some will seek a new way to find happiness. This tale may not have a happy ending, but it will have a sequel.

    The kingdom was a small dusty place where the sun would bake pitilessly on both the roads and the people living there, a rat holding a spear…

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  • Layla Goldeneyes
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  • Martin2

    Following the deletion of Wars 2: The Wars Reloaded, this was created. Continuing the tradition of making fun of the Matrix series, I present to you

    WARS 3:
    The Wars


    Ignorantia juris non excusat

    (Ignorance of the law is no excuse)

    There are some rules:

    1. Strictly no immortality/invincibility.
    2. Determining other player's actions.
    3. No threatining not to update or to kil characters in your fan fics. (THIS MEANS YOU SM!)
    4. No vulgarity. DUH!

    If you break these rules, I will hide the comment in which they are broken.

    To law abiding warriors:

    If a post break the rules, ignore it and move on.

    Confucius say:


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  • Lord Starfire


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