Arrows are long range missiles shot from a bow and occasionally a crossbow or magonel.

The arrow consists of a straight wooden- usualy ash- shaft. One end is fitted with a sharp piece of bone, metal or wood, the other end is thrice fletched to let it fly straight. Ripping a fletch off will cause the arrow to do more damage by spinning, but this should only be tried by experts. The best wood for arrows is ash, and the best fletching comes from goose feathers.


There are sveral types of arrows, not counting the ordinary kind.

  1. Bolts- used in a crossbow.
  2. Hunting arrows- used in a hunting bow.
  3. Long arrows- used in a longbow.
  4. Magonell- used in a magonel.

Arrow heads Edit

There are several types of arrow heads

  1. Bodkin- arrowhead shaped like the knife of the same name
  2. Broadhead- this type is extremly lethal, with three sided blades
  3. Fieldpoint- extremely thin heads, but watch out- usually barbed.
  4. Flaming- this type of head has a cage of sorts where oil soaked cloth is put then set on fire.
  5. Poison- this type has a gland which releases poison once embedded in target.